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Diana Alvort - Acting Demo Reel (English)

Diana Alvort - Acting Demo Reel (English)

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Multilingual singer, songwriter, actress, dreamer...and I'm not the only one🎵

While on "The Voice" MX I hugged Ricky Martin

 #missionaccomplished LOL

And even more thrilling was to receive love and standing ovation

from the audience and celeb judges:

Laura Pausini, Ricky MartinJulión Álvarez and my chosen coach Yuri 

I am a Mexican - Spaniard artist, born in Torreón, now based in Los Angeles.
I perform originals and covers in a variety of genres, languages and topics, due to my fascination with music, the world and diversity. 

I previously lived in Austin "Live Music Capital of the World" and in Guadalajara both amazing cultural spots which had greatly contributed to my craft.

My music concept is an ear catching blend of world flavors, languages, sounds and emotions, being pop ballads & soul the base elements.

I began my professional career lead singing, harmonizing, emceeing and dancing at events. Later on I got involved in acting and songwriting.

As a result of hard work, courses and castings, I've gotten amazing opportunities in music & acting; such as:

Theater Plays and other TV shows by Televisa, Univision besides "The Voice Mexico".

Collaborations performing/writing with fellow artists, 2 of those songs "Rain" and "Eternidad" were played on national radio.

Countless shows in Mexico, USA and Canada: private, corporate and public gigs, including world famous venues such as: Toronto Convention Center, Mexico National Auditorium and WTC Mexico with Yuri, House of Blues, etc.

Along with my originals, some of the genres I perform are: pop, jazz, bolero, rock, R&B, soul, popera, musicals, EDM, mariachi, tango, bossa, flamenco, latin, etc... I customize my repertoire for every show.

Click to go to my MUSIC originals & covers

To watch what I've done on ACTING click here

This career path has been a constant challenge, it has its quite share of hard, painful lessons but above all it fills my heart with the deepest joy and sublime satisfaction.

I’m happy and grateful for what I’ve accomplished, for the opportunity and pleasure of every gig, and I keep working hard on my ultimate goal: To become the best version of myself and to make people around the world have an amazing time with my music and performances.

Join in me on my road to success!

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