Acting gives me chills! Through acting I can explore the alternative stories and characters that lies inside me.
I can take myself and the audience on a magical journey to experience new lives and new worlds.

I am now based in Los Angeles, pursuing actively both, my music and acting career in film, TV and theater. 

 I am a bilingual actress (English & Spanish) with experience also in pronunciation of several other languages that I don't speak fluently but I perform singing, such as: Portuguese, Japanese, French, Italian, German, etc.

I am fortunate for being mentored by amazing acting coaches in Mexico & Hollywood, among them: Jeff Celentano (Weston) Marisol PadillaAri Voukidys at UCB Sunset, Paula Russell  

So far, my main acting roles on stage have been: 

* Tanya - Mamma Mia! (Funny, irreverent, bombshell) 

* Penny - Hairspray (Quirky shy girl becomes empowered)

* Velma - Hairspray (Villain)

Also I have worked on a variety of roles and scenes from films and plays in class, among them: Silence of the Lambs, A Streetcar named Desire, Closer, Silver Linings, Moonstruck, Monster, Julia, Middle of the night, In the Bedroom, The Clean House, Reasons to be pretty, etc. as well as original characters I've created from scratch.


Acting clip (Drama/English)

Acting clip (Drama/Spanish)

Musical theater reel

MONOLOGUE (Dramedy) Adaptation from "The Clean House" 

Improv Comedy at UCB Theater Sunset L.A. 

UCB Sunset Backstage.jpg

"Lo que más Quieres" TV show Televisa - Univision

As Tanya - Mamma Mia!

Click here to enjoy my show at "The Voice" MX & more TV and live videos performing originals & world music hits.
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