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From Mexico to the world! I was born in Torreón and I’m fan of its soccer team "Santos Laguna"; also I think of Guadalajara as my second home because that was where my artistic career started.

​I come from a family that is not much into arts, but for some reason, my goal has always been to succeed as a singer and actress. 


When I was child I even came up with a stage name "Mareth" and I made some first funny attempts at songwriting, and I didn't have any lessons till many years later but I practiced expressions in the mirror and voices by imitating characters "I'm the real Barney dinosaur" I used to say to my little cousins.

Despite my vocation, I was influenced by the scary clichés of the showbiz, so to have a safety net I got first a degree on Financial Administration,  which is an 

interesting work field but not my passion. Ironically music ended up helping me to cover the tuition.

I've actually worked on the administration field too, in 2 tech companies and in my own but for now is on hold


But how I got into the showbiz? Well I was looking for a job and I found a vacant from a wedding band, later 2 friends of the band and me formed a world hits & jazz trio "Bluelight"

So with a mix of native skills, passion, practice, time, courses, castings and a bit of luck I'd been able to make the projects I talked about in the about section, This is a very challenging path but I continue to pursue more. 

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